We specialize in servicing Dentsply and Bonart Brand Cavitrons - all models, even those that seem too old to fix.

Dentsply is the best known brand in the industry but repair costs from the factory or distributor are very expensive compared to ours.  They won't sell replacement circuit boards to you or anyone else.  We troubleshoot and repair Dentsply circuit boards at the component level and are skilled in both the electrical and mechanical aspects of these systems. 

If you are considering replacing your Denstply Cavitron, please check out our Bonart line of Scalers.  They are comparable in performance and quality to Dentsply but are much lower cost.

All other Scaler brands needing service qualify for our "Save it" program.  Click here to learn more about how you may be able to cost effectively save your asset and avoid the cost of a replacement.