New: We provide the same service for the 3M Elipar S10 Batteries.  Save over $100.

Elipar S10 Battery
Battery Models:

921552, 921602, 236-6771 (Patterson)

We remove and recycle the old  batteries from your blue demetron package and replace them with brand new ones of better quality. 

We install a Commercial Grade Long Life Replacement Battery similar to the original Demetron battery pack including a short circuit protection fuse.  We have noticed battery packs from other aftermarket suppliers do no include this fuse which is there to prevent a short circuit from creating a safety issue.  The positive and negative sides of this battery are separated by fraction of an inch and it is irresponsible not to have such a protection device included (it does add cost).
Our Demetron batteries will outlive any aftermarket "look alike" replacement pack and they cost less.   Old batteries must be properly recycled, we do it all for you in one step. 

Turn around time is typically 1 to 3 days.  Please call for pricing
(508) 589-4172. 

How will you know your battery is nearing end of life?

  1. It won't charge or doesn't hold a charge for very long

  2. It takes much longer to charge than it did when it was new