We provide professional repair services for Scican's Model 2000 and 5000 Statim Sterilizers.  These are not as practical to ship as other smaller products we work on but if you want a great value and top quality repairs, we can help.  If you can ship, we can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.  Unit must be shipped using the original factory box and foam packing and insured for it's full value.

If you're looking for Statim service parts such as a water pump or air compressor / dryer, please contact us for pricing. 

Service Star Dental (508) 589-4172

The factory has discontinued support and no longer provides repair services or replacement circuit boards on older units.  Midmark wants you to buy a new Sterilizer.    Service Star can repair your M9 and M11 Circuit Boards and help you avoid the expense of a new unit.  We have saved our customers thousands of dollars by repairing these circuit boards.